Catrina Frost is a dedicated vision advocate with strong roots in community awareness and education. As a parent of a child with a rare genetic eye disease known as Familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR), as well as a child with Amblyopia, Ms. Frost understands the critical role of vision to a child’s quality of life.

Ms. Frost has built successful online information and support networks for individuals and parents of children with vision impairment, in hopes that not one more person or family would feel alone in finding resources or support in coping with vision impairment. Bringing people together, raising awareness and building the self-confidence of children and young people struggling with vision impairment issues are just some of the talents Ms. Frost encompasses. Her dedication to children and vision has led her to her career as Director of Outreach for a local non-profit, VisionQuest 20/20. Her passion for helping others, supporting families and especially working with children who are visually impaired have left a permanent mark on the hearts of many.

Ms. Frost holds an Associates Degree in Administration of Justice with a certificate in Crime Scene Evidence and Police Photography. In addition to her work in the vision community, Ms. Frost has volunteered and held special events for numerous charities including the Thunderbird NICU, Arrowhead NICU and UCP of Central Arizona.

Ms. Frost and her six year old daughter Cailee are currently traveling around the United States on an “Sightseeing Bucket List Adventure” to create as many memories as they can before she loses her vision due to her disease.