Joyce Laszloffy
Designer and Owner of The Stylish Table
“Party Planning Redesigned”


Get To Know Joyce of The Stylish Table!

  • What will be the inspiration for your table at Tables That Bloom this year?
    The existentialist philosophy will be my inspiration. While some might think white and emptiness is stark and void of anything, the existentialist philosophy comes from the perspective that from the ‘emptiness’ anything can happen. White. A blank canvas where anything is possible. Open empty space to fill up with your dreams. In nothingness, anything is possible. This is where hope blossoms. Like life starting out at birth, a child’s future lies before her to create and make of it what she chooses. The tree located in the center of the table is symbolic of the core, grounding yourself, the center starting point. The green leaves represent budding life, hope, growth, Mother Nature, birth, and love.
  • How do you define “success” in your business?
    I’m successful when I have WOWed my clients and gone above and beyond their expectations. Many months of planning and work go into creating the unveiling of a joyous celebration. It’s like building a house. As a people pleaser, my joy and success comes from when I have made the journey effortless and enjoyable for my clients and have gone beyond their expectations and created a celebration that will give them a lifetime of memories.
  • What is your background and how did you get into the design field?
    I grew up in an artistic family, and have always had an eye and love for design. I received my BA from ASU in Theatre and studied set and costume design. My entire life my friends and family have been telling me to become a party planner or do interior design. I finally listened and am following my heart. I have found my bliss.
  • How has social media impacted your work? Have you used it to your benefit?
    I love social media for sharing my designs and growing my business. The Stylish Table is on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Many of my clients have contacted me from seeing my work on social media. This is a referral business. If you do amazing work and people are sharing and talking, your business is going to grow.
  • Who is your creative hero?
    Peri Wolfman. In the 80’s she became a legend and influenced the design world to simplify and bring sophistication into homes with beautiful but functional “all white” tableware. It was her quote that inspired me to start my business, “I learned early on that setting a table is so much more than just laying down knives and forks. It is creating a setting for food and conversation, setting a mood and an aura that lingers long after what was served and who said what was forgotten.”
  • What is your biggest strength?
    In this industry you usually find a great designer who is an amazing artist but lacks organization and business skills, or you find a great planner who is a great multitasker, and can keep things on track and organize but they lack creativity, design skills and the ability to see the design vision and execute it. I feel I have truly found my calling in this industry because both those talents and skills are my strong suits and I use them both on a daily basis to provide top-notch service to my clients.
  • What do you like to do in your free time, aside from your craft?
    Journaling, pinning on Pinterest, and spending quality time with my husband, Luke of 17 years and our 11 year old son, Owen.
  • What makes your design work unique?
    My clients tell me what makes me stand out is my attention to detail. I live in the details and I think it shows in my work.


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